Emily Pearson


With the foundation of my learning in psychology and counselling, and 15 years experience of working with people with disabilities to unlock their potential within the employment sector, I am positively placed to offer a safe and welcoming space for you to release any blocks in your energy that is causing you negative impact.

For years I have struggled to find my voice, to feel comfortable with giving my opinion to others, to saying how I really feel. My self esteem and belief in myself was so low that I felt my voice didn't count. I wasn't worth listening to or being paid attention to. I put others above my own worth and never even questioned why I felt unhappy, frustrated and negative so frequently. I always thought it was normal to feel unworthy and down about myself. I also thought it was normal to feel constantly run down, generally unwell and fed up! IT IS NOT!

If you feel negativity towards yourself, that you're not worth paying attention to or that spending time on you and your self development is a waste of time, please contact me. I can help you find your potential and joy in life again and for you to grow into the vibrant human being you're meant to be.

We are made of energy, which is meant to flow freely in and out of our bodies to enable us to feel positivity and vibrance in our lives. However, over the course of our lives, this energy becomes stuck through our experiences in life. Any negative experience or trauma can cause a blockage. When this happens, our energy cannot flow freely but starts to build up and become stagnant. This is not positive for our bodies or minds. The good news is that these blockages can be removed by the simple yet effective technique known as EFT or tapping. All you need are your fingers and some positive intention to get started. Some of our blockages can be deeply ingrained and you may feel that having some support through a practitioner such as myself is more comfortable. I'm here to help. Please contact me for a free consultation to discuss further.


  • SuperMind Master BIG +10 congratulations to Emily Pearson for completing SuperMind Master with GoE trainer Sandra Hillawi!
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